Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Parts Arrival

Parts are slowly starting to trickle in for The White Z
This will be a fun/easy build

A-1 Coilover Sleeves
A-1 Coilover Top Hats
TTT Upper Hats for front
QA1 Coil Springs (2) 200 lbs./in. Rate 12in.
Landrum Coil Springs (2) 185 lb./in. Rate 12in.
ES Bumpstops
Inner and Outer Front Wheel bearings
Stoptech Slotted Rotors
Hawk Pads
Exhaust Bends and Megaphone Tips
MOMO Steering Wheel Hub
280zx Distributor
Bosch Cap & Rotor
ABS kickpanels w/formed speaker cutouts (datsunworks.com)

Have you figured it out yet?


  1. i'm curious as to why you went with a coilover sleeve kit vs. a s13/integra/etc. coilover conversion kit?

    1. I did the s13 conversion on the yellow Z and it really limits your options and ends up being a bit pricier in the long run. I think the sleeve setup is the way to go for the direction I'm taking this car. Stay tuned.

  2. what wheels specs are ur wats front and back? and tires front and back?
    they look sick!!!!

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