Sunday, February 8, 2015

Newest Aquisition

Long time no see
Introducing the newest aquizition/project

Keeping this project pretty low key as the car is in excellent condition as is
Going in an entirely different direction as the yellow Z

Stay Tuned

The owner saying goodbye to his beloved Z

The yellow Z saying hi to his new friend

Deal was sourced through a friend for an unbelievable price. Purchased from an old man looking to move on. Garage kept the majority of its life and hasn't been outside since 2007.

1972 240Z
New Body Gaskets
New Windshield
New Window Gaskets
L28 & 5 Speed 
New Carpet 
Rechromed Bumpers
White Repaint
80s Aftermarket Ignition
Appliance Slot Mags
New Shocks
New Springs
New Seat Vinyl

The brakes need refreshing and the rear wheel cylinders leak.
Not an original car by any means, but that's a good thing in my opinion...


  1. Impatient to see the evolution of the white one.
    Absolutely loving your yellow 240Z and the sweat and tears you put into it. Keep the good work going.
    Greetings from Luxembourg/Europe
    One day all of my JTins will be sold (AE86, KE25,...) and a S30 will be replacing them ;)

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