Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New Speedo - Install Time

Got a New GPS Speedometer from Speedhut
With the Right Options Picked, it Looks Almost Stock
Here's How I Fit it in the Stock Pod

First Step Remove The Column Cover

Next Pull the Dash Cover (If You Have One)

The Speedo is Held in by Two Wing Nuts
Almost Impossible to Get Off by Hand
Easy Removal is Done Via a 3/4" Socket


With the Dash Cap Out of the Way
The Two Wing Nuts Removed the Speedo Slides Out The Front of the Dash

Disconnect the:
Gauge Lights
Trip Reset Cable
Speedo Cable
& Remove Speedo

Now Get Ready To Disassemble the Speedo

Remove the Four Screws Holding the Gauge Shroud to the Gauge Body

Compare Gauges
Old vs New
Looks Pretty Similar

Carefully Remove the Guts of the Gauge
Retain the Gauge Body
Insert New Gauge into Old Gauge Body
Slide New Wires Through the Rear of the Gauge
Use Old Gauge Shroud to Stabilize New Gauge in Gauge Body

 Wire Up Per Instructions
Place GPS Antenna in Your Ideal Location
I Put It on the Metal Dash Valance w/the Defrost Vents

Finished Product
Same Install Method for Install of Tach