Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Breath Easy - Part 2

So This Took Me Forever.
After Some Screw Ups and Body Filler Failure This Was The Result

It took me about 3 weeks of sanding, priming, bondo-ing, puttying, etc
But it was finally perfect

Time to mix up some paint!

Step 1: Clean HPLV gun cause you were too lazy to clean it last time
Makes it twices as hard btw cause everything gets crusty
Nothing Acetone won't fix

Disassemble the gun and clean everything
Then reassemble and spray acetone through it just to make sure its super clean
Step 2: Wipe down part to be painted with Mineral Spirits.

BOOM. Big Ass Can
Next get out your paint
For small parts I use a single stage paint
Its super easy to mix, durable and usually only requires a single paint session
You can hardly tell between a single stage paint job and a base/clear with flatter colors

So you have your reducer, hardener, and the actual paint
I use OMNI by PPG cause it is cheap, easy to use, and it works
Heres the mixing ratio:

4 parts paint
1 part hardener
2 parts reducer

start mixing

I would not recommend using a solo red cup as a mixing container
20 minutes later the paint ate through the cup spilling all over the place
No Bueno
A spray paint lid as a measuring tool is not a good idea either
But I gotsta use what I gots

Anyways, I started painting but wasnt patient enough
Your supposed to wait 10 minutes between coats
I waited 5 seconds
Anyways I ended up with some runs which also led the paint away from the edges
I'm usually pretty good with painting so I was frustrated with myself...
Especially since I spent so much time with the prep work

You can see the run in the pic above
Pretty bad
I was able to sand it out with 1500 grit sand paper
But like i said the edges are very thin
I may sand it down with 600 grit and spray again

Here's a rough idea of what it looks like on the car

It needs some adjustments and possibly a repaint, but I like it so far