Friday, March 30, 2012

Finally Convinced... show this to the world.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Crappy Entry

I relocated the battery to behind the Pass seat
Its an ideal location, but the beast of a battery I had was not
The positive post arced to the frame of the seat burning a hole in the vinyl
Not good
Plus it was not a sealed design
Also not good

Found a Braille battery that looked good
Fabbed up an old popcorn box with the dimensions of the battery
BTW Deka batterys are the same as Braille cept' cheaper

Looks good
Dont mind the mess

This bastard made his home by old battery, hence the mess


Saturday, March 24, 2012


Was going through my old computer and found this pic of the Z
Sacramento Raceway 2003
Rollin on 16s. Gansta. 

Still got that sticker on the windshield as a homage to its past ;)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Good Info For Rear Disk Conv

"Stock 240z master cylinders have a residual pressure valve in the rear circuit. This was installed to keep slight pressure against the drum brakes at all times. When you do a rear disk brake swap, the residual pressure valve must be removed, or you will have the slight dragging that you are describing. The valve is in the assembly under the rear reservoir.

Here is a picture from zcarnut's 1" master cylinder thread. The ones in the stock 240z master cylinder look similar and are in the same place, but there is only one in the rear circuit, not the front."

"P.S: You may want to think about upgrading to the 1" master or at least a 15/16" master. I have 280zx rear disks on my 240z which are a pretty similar piston size to the maxima's you have, and with the stock 7/8" master the brakes are very "squishy". I liked the firm pedal feel that the drums had, but the disks stop much better now that I have dialed them in with a prop valve. A larger master would bring back the firm pedal feel that the drums had I think. "

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Here's a breakdown

This list is constantly changing.

240z Modifications
·         Suspension
o   Front:
§  EMUSA s13 adjustable coilovers/shock body
§  QA1 10” Springs: 200lbs
§  Suspension Techniques 1” SwayBar
§  Moog Ball joints
§  Moog Tie-Rods
§  TechnoToyTuning Adjustable TC Rods
§  EnergySuspension Poly Urethane Steering rack bushings
§  EnergySuspension Solid Steering Bushing
§  TechnoToyTuning Strut Brace
§  KOYO Wheel Bearings
§  Mobil1 Synthetic Brake Grease
§  ARP wheel studs
o   Rear
§  EMUSA s13 adjustable coilovers/shock body
§  QA1 10” Springs: 215lbs
§  Suspension Techniques ¾” SwayBar
§  Adjustable Camber Plates
·         Brakes
o   OEM New Brake Master Cylinder
o   Castrol DOT3 Fluid
o   Stainless Braided Brake Lines
o   Front
§  Remanufactured Calipers
§  HAWK Brake Pads
§  PowerSlot Brake Rotors
o   Rear
§  240sx rear brake conversion
§  300zx rotors
·         Drivetrain
o   Nissan Fairlady 2+2 R180 4.11
o   1979 280zx 5-Speed Transmission
o   Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel
o   SPEC Stage2 280zx Turbo Clutch/Pressure Plate
o   Brass Shifter Bushings
o   OEM New Clutch Master Cylinder
o   OEM New Clutch Slave Cylinder
o   Stainless Braided Clutch Line
o   Ron Tyler Diff Mount
·         Fuel System
o   Carter Fuel Pump
o   Earls Teflon-Lined Steel Braided Fuel Lines
o   AN Fittings-No barbed fittings
o   (3) 40DCOE18 Weber Carburetors – Italian Made
o   Cannon Intake Manifold
o   Vapor Tank Elimination
o   New Fuel Level Sender
·         Electrical
o   280zx Alternator
o   External Voltage Regulator  elimination
o   Wire Tuck
o   StreetFire Ignition (Made by MSD)
o   CraneCams Ignition Coil
o   MSA Blade-type fuse box
o   280zx distributor
o   Taylor spark plug wires
o   Wiper Motor Elimination
o   Washer Motor Elimination
o   LED Bulb Conversion (interior & exterior)
o   Hella Euro H4 Headlight Housings
·         Body
o   Re-Painted original 112 Yellow
o   Shaved Marker Lights
o   Shaved Wipers
o   Shaved Hatch Emblems
o   Fiberglass Bumpers Painted 1974 BMW Anthracite
o   Rear Valance Painted 1974 BMW Anthracite
o   MSA Type2 Front Spoiler
o   Talbot Style Mirror Painted 1974 BMW Anthracite
o   Rolled Fenders
o   Kia Sportage Door Gaskets
o   Custom Hatch/Hood Gaskets
o   New Windshield Gasket
o   OEM New Pillar Emblems
o   ZCCJDM Towhooks
·         Interior
o   Nardi Wood/Black  Spokes Steering Wheel
o   Momo Hub
o   Custom Horn Button w/Datsun Logo
o   Speedhut Tachometer
o   280z voltage meter
o   S2000 Start Button
o   New Transmission Tunnel  Vinyl
o   New Luggage Riser Vinyl
o   New Shock tower Vinyl
o   OEM New Door Panels
o   OEM New Door Hardware
o   OEM New Window Crank/Lock Pulls/Door Handle Bezels/Door Grip
o   OEM New Map Light
o   OEM New Shift Knob
o   OEM New Shift boot
o   OEM New E-brake boot
o   OEM New Outer Scuff Plates
o   OEM New Inner Scuff Plates
o   OEM New Hood Release Cable
o   OEM New Inner Shift Boot
o   Center Console Arm Rest w/Cup Holders
o   New Carpet
o   MSA Armrests
o   MSA Rear Luggage Riser Topper
o   MSA Custom “Z” Embroidered Carpet
o   ALL New Plastic Interior Panels
o   MSA Dash Cover
o   Custom ABS Plastic Kick Panels w/speaker pods
o   Custom console panel
o   Heater Removed
o   Battery relocated behind passenger seat
o   Speedway USA battery mount
o   New Floorpans
o   Refurbished cowl panel
o   Refurbished Dog Legs
o   Refurbished Rear View Mirror
o   New Heat Insulation
o   New Acoustic Insulation
·         Engine
o   Early 240z E31 Head
§  Isky Stage 2 Cameshaft
§  Rebello Racing Port & Polish
§  Larger Exhaust Valves
§  Schneider Valve Springs
§  Fuel Pump Blockoff Plate
§  Refurbished Rocker Arms
§  NISMO Lash Pads
§  Rebuilt by Rebello Racing
o   L28 F54 Flattop Block
§  280zx Turbo Oil Pump
§  ARP Head Studs
§  OEM Timing Chain Kit
§  Rebuilt OEM Water Pump
§  FelPro Headgasket
§  L24 2Row Crank Dampener
§  Rebuilt by Rebello Racing
o   Dyno Tuned by Rebello Racing
o   Heater bypass elimination
o   Aliminum Radiator

·         Exhaust
o   HKS Header
o   2.5” Crush Bent
o   Magnaflow mid-muffler
o   Gibson Rear Muffler