Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Alright well I've decided to do what was posted down below.

Being that the alternative is much more expensive and $ is a valuable commodity, I'm going the S13 route. I can always go back to stock.

Pretty nice stuff from China ;) Gonna get rid of the Camber Plates though...wont fit a Z

Saturday, January 16, 2010

So Purty

Chrysler Blue engine paint is a dead ringer for the original Datsun Blue engine color

Cleaning up.

Since i posses absolutley no knowledge on how to rebuild an engine I'm keeping it simple.
Just gonna clean her up a little.

Top of the Piston is all crudded with Carbon. Nasty.

Ah. That's a bit better. 


Hone on the cylinder walls looks pretty good.

New Engine

A LOT of people view the Z as a platform that is very suitable for engine swaps because of its large engine bay.
It is not uncommon to find people that have swapped the stock engine for a SBC, SBF 1JZ, 2JZ, RB Series, SR series, and many many more engine types.

But that ain't me.
My goal with this project is to stay as period correct as possible.
As a result I'm sticking with the Nissan engine the Z was born with. AKA the L-series.

In 1972 my 240z came with an L24. 10 years later the 280zx, the 240z's older bro came with the L28.
Basically the L28 is the same engine as an L24 differing only in displacement.
So yup you guessed it. It bolts right in.
Now if you put the head from an L24 on top of an 81-83 L28 you get a kickass engine.
All i need is an 81-83 L28:

Problem Solved

Does it still run?

Stopped by the storage unit where the Z has sat for all these years.
Poured some Marvel Mystery Oil down the spark plug holes.
Let it soak for 2 days.
Cranked the engine with no spark to get the juices flowing.
Forgot to hook the coil back up and wondered why the car wouldn't start.
Hooked up the coil.
Started right up.
Drove around the storage complex.
Mission successful.

1st Post

Alright here's where I left off 6 or 7 years ago:

Now I'm getting married. I want to use the car in the wedding.
Finally time to finish what I started.

As time passed my idea for the direction of the car become more polished...stay tuned

The folowing is for testing purposes only: