Friday, August 26, 2011

Tight and Crisp

Most of my major modifications are done
A lot of my posts from now on will be little shit

The internal throttle springs on DCOEs suck
Especially when they are worn out
WEBER knows this
I knows this
That's why they made this little contraption:

Expensive for what it is.
But thats WEBER for you
I put it on the carb at the end of the linkage
I figure it would have the toughest time returning to idle


Closer look to see how it actually works:

The Spring seems a little weak, but it does the job
You dont want it too tight otherwise throttle control will suck!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Clutch Slave

So I have been having problems with the clutch disengaging
I had a new clutch slave when I reassembled the engine, but I accidentally blew the seal

I had to use the old slave pictured below
As you can see it's the newer type cylinder with the older type pushrod
70-72 slaves had an adjustable push rod. They also had an eyelet for the clutch fork return spring
72-83 had a self adjusting pushrod and no need for a return spring, hence no eyelet

The above has no eyelet, but the adjustable pushrod
At some point the original slave was replaced, but with the wrong type

With all that said,
I'm not sure if there is a mechanical difference between the two, but it wasnt getting the job done
The cylinder inside the slave wasn't traveling far enough to fully engage the clutch

So I ordered and installed the proper part
I went against my "stay true to the original" morals and bought a Borg-Warner unit
It was significantly cheaper than an OEM unit
I've had some luck with them in the past
A lot of their Z parts are OEM units in Borg-Warner packaging, the slave however was not

I've got a friend coming over to help me bleed it on Wed
I did a gravity bleed, but I don't trust it

Monday, August 15, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Got the car back from the Body Shop for wetsanding.
Dude did a shitty job. Obviously.
Maybe I'm just super critical.
So out came my buffer and the polishes.

Here's where I'm at.

Side shot:

Sunday, August 7, 2011