Sunday, January 6, 2013

Breath Easy

Gettin Crazy with an inspection lid

One of the bigger problems with S30Z is Aerodynamics
This includes the area under the hood
Basically Air gets trapped in the engine bay
The explanations get real technical. Just trust me
That Air gets real hot, given its proximity to the engine creating a ton of problems
This is why Nissan came out with an optional hood "scoop" for S30s
And hood vents for the 78 S30s

Not wanting to cut a giant hole in the beautiful line of the Z hood
I decided upon butchering the inspection lid to get the air to travel a bit easier out of the engine bay

Step 1: Draw up a plan

Step 2: Cut that sh!t

Step 3: Drink High Life

Step 4:Start to Fab

Step 5: Make Corner Templates

Step 6: Cut Corners

Step 7: Weld it all together

Step 8: Done with Fabrication

Next will be body work and paint!