Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I’ve pretty much had an entire summer/fall to drive the Z since “finishing” it. With that I’ve been making a list of things that need to be fixed/changed. It may look like a lot, but in reality I would think this is pretty standard after rebuilding a car.

Here they are:

Action: Clutch slips at high RPMs (above 5000)
Cause: Glazed clutch, leaking rear main seal, or slightly engaged pressure plate.
Fix: New clutch, replace seal, or find different length clutch collar

Action: Smokes like a chimney and getting worse.
Cause: Oily smoke so its gotta be the valve stem seals.
Fix: New seals, might as well port head while I’m at it.

Action: Slight tire rubbing in rear
Cause: Tires are too badass
Fix. Rolled fenders but still no positive result. Get out cut off wheel/grinder.

Action: Passenger seat too far forward in interior compartment
Cause: Battery relocation to behind passenger seat prevents rearward movement.
Fix: Get a smaller/shorter battery to allow rearward seat movement.

Action: Speedo don’t work
Cause: Speedo gear in trans installed incorrectly
Fix. Git R Done

Action: Car does not return to zero after left turns
Cause: Noticed recently that front wheels are different offsets.
Minimal enough offset not to notice, but large enough offset to adversely affect handling.
Fix: Get out matching spares and pair them up correctly.

Action: Shock tower covers look like shit
Cause: Product quality sucks & I suck
Fix: Professional install?

Action: Noisy fuel pump
Cause: No idea
Fix: Different brand pump

Any suggestions/tips/advice???


Quite an honor. Check it out!

Back when I was ridin dirty.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Tires

Got some new Tires
Toyo R888
205/55/14 & 225/50/14

The old tires were bad.
The rears were hard and cracking
I was losing traction when the cam kicked in around 4.5k RPM
The fronts were hard and had uneven wear leading to vibration

The new rears are smaller in diameter than the old tires
Throws off the look a bit
I'll have to adjust the suspension
Tire needs to fill the fender and camber slightly more positive now that I'm no longer rubbing

Monday, September 26, 2011

Journey to JCCS - 3

My pics from the show