Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I’ve pretty much had an entire summer/fall to drive the Z since “finishing” it. With that I’ve been making a list of things that need to be fixed/changed. It may look like a lot, but in reality I would think this is pretty standard after rebuilding a car.

Here they are:

Action: Clutch slips at high RPMs (above 5000)
Cause: Glazed clutch, leaking rear main seal, or slightly engaged pressure plate.
Fix: New clutch, replace seal, or find different length clutch collar

Action: Smokes like a chimney and getting worse.
Cause: Oily smoke so its gotta be the valve stem seals.
Fix: New seals, might as well port head while I’m at it.

Action: Slight tire rubbing in rear
Cause: Tires are too badass
Fix. Rolled fenders but still no positive result. Get out cut off wheel/grinder.

Action: Passenger seat too far forward in interior compartment
Cause: Battery relocation to behind passenger seat prevents rearward movement.
Fix: Get a smaller/shorter battery to allow rearward seat movement.

Action: Speedo don’t work
Cause: Speedo gear in trans installed incorrectly
Fix. Git R Done

Action: Car does not return to zero after left turns
Cause: Noticed recently that front wheels are different offsets.
Minimal enough offset not to notice, but large enough offset to adversely affect handling.
Fix: Get out matching spares and pair them up correctly.

Action: Shock tower covers look like shit
Cause: Product quality sucks & I suck
Fix: Professional install?

Action: Noisy fuel pump
Cause: No idea
Fix: Different brand pump

Any suggestions/tips/advice???

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