Monday, March 24, 2014

Strappin On a Tank

A common problem with S30 Z's is a faulty gas gauge
Prior to restoration my Z was no exception
I bought a new fuel sending unit from the dealer in an attempt to remedy the bad readings
Installed the new sending unit along with a new O-ring (a must) and thought all was well


The gauge read full ALL THE TIME
Oh well, I tried

After some research I determined everything was working properly
Turns out the fuel tank needs to be insulated from the straps that hold it to the body
And there was the root of my problem
When i remounted my fuel tank mid restoration the straps were directly in contact with the tank
therefore grounding out the fuel sender

While I had the car up in the air trying to source a fuel leak I would fix the tank insulation problem
Once I fixed the leak, a loose clamp, I moved on to the tank

Step 1: put the rear of the car on jack stands

Step 2: jack the jack so it supports the fuel tank

Step 3: Inspect your badass fuel pump and associated fittings (wiring could use some work)

Step 4: loosen the support straps

Step 5: Find a sheet of urethane. 
I got a sheet on ebay for an insanely cheap price as it was scrap

Step 6: cut urethane in to strips just a bit wider than the straps

Step 7: insert strips of urethane in between the straps and the tank

Step 8: tighten straps

Step 9: Lower jack and remove car from jack stands

Step 10: Viola it works