Sunday, March 4, 2012

Here's a breakdown

This list is constantly changing.

240z Modifications
·         Suspension
o   Front:
§  EMUSA s13 adjustable coilovers/shock body
§  QA1 10” Springs: 200lbs
§  Suspension Techniques 1” SwayBar
§  Moog Ball joints
§  Moog Tie-Rods
§  TechnoToyTuning Adjustable TC Rods
§  EnergySuspension Poly Urethane Steering rack bushings
§  EnergySuspension Solid Steering Bushing
§  TechnoToyTuning Strut Brace
§  KOYO Wheel Bearings
§  Mobil1 Synthetic Brake Grease
§  ARP wheel studs
o   Rear
§  EMUSA s13 adjustable coilovers/shock body
§  QA1 10” Springs: 215lbs
§  Suspension Techniques ¾” SwayBar
§  Adjustable Camber Plates
·         Brakes
o   OEM New Brake Master Cylinder
o   Castrol DOT3 Fluid
o   Stainless Braided Brake Lines
o   Front
§  Remanufactured Calipers
§  HAWK Brake Pads
§  PowerSlot Brake Rotors
o   Rear
§  240sx rear brake conversion
§  300zx rotors
·         Drivetrain
o   Nissan Fairlady 2+2 R180 4.11
o   1979 280zx 5-Speed Transmission
o   Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel
o   SPEC Stage2 280zx Turbo Clutch/Pressure Plate
o   Brass Shifter Bushings
o   OEM New Clutch Master Cylinder
o   OEM New Clutch Slave Cylinder
o   Stainless Braided Clutch Line
o   Ron Tyler Diff Mount
·         Fuel System
o   Carter Fuel Pump
o   Earls Teflon-Lined Steel Braided Fuel Lines
o   AN Fittings-No barbed fittings
o   (3) 40DCOE18 Weber Carburetors – Italian Made
o   Cannon Intake Manifold
o   Vapor Tank Elimination
o   New Fuel Level Sender
·         Electrical
o   280zx Alternator
o   External Voltage Regulator  elimination
o   Wire Tuck
o   StreetFire Ignition (Made by MSD)
o   CraneCams Ignition Coil
o   MSA Blade-type fuse box
o   280zx distributor
o   Taylor spark plug wires
o   Wiper Motor Elimination
o   Washer Motor Elimination
o   LED Bulb Conversion (interior & exterior)
o   Hella Euro H4 Headlight Housings
·         Body
o   Re-Painted original 112 Yellow
o   Shaved Marker Lights
o   Shaved Wipers
o   Shaved Hatch Emblems
o   Fiberglass Bumpers Painted 1974 BMW Anthracite
o   Rear Valance Painted 1974 BMW Anthracite
o   MSA Type2 Front Spoiler
o   Talbot Style Mirror Painted 1974 BMW Anthracite
o   Rolled Fenders
o   Kia Sportage Door Gaskets
o   Custom Hatch/Hood Gaskets
o   New Windshield Gasket
o   OEM New Pillar Emblems
o   ZCCJDM Towhooks
·         Interior
o   Nardi Wood/Black  Spokes Steering Wheel
o   Momo Hub
o   Custom Horn Button w/Datsun Logo
o   Speedhut Tachometer
o   280z voltage meter
o   S2000 Start Button
o   New Transmission Tunnel  Vinyl
o   New Luggage Riser Vinyl
o   New Shock tower Vinyl
o   OEM New Door Panels
o   OEM New Door Hardware
o   OEM New Window Crank/Lock Pulls/Door Handle Bezels/Door Grip
o   OEM New Map Light
o   OEM New Shift Knob
o   OEM New Shift boot
o   OEM New E-brake boot
o   OEM New Outer Scuff Plates
o   OEM New Inner Scuff Plates
o   OEM New Hood Release Cable
o   OEM New Inner Shift Boot
o   Center Console Arm Rest w/Cup Holders
o   New Carpet
o   MSA Armrests
o   MSA Rear Luggage Riser Topper
o   MSA Custom “Z” Embroidered Carpet
o   ALL New Plastic Interior Panels
o   MSA Dash Cover
o   Custom ABS Plastic Kick Panels w/speaker pods
o   Custom console panel
o   Heater Removed
o   Battery relocated behind passenger seat
o   Speedway USA battery mount
o   New Floorpans
o   Refurbished cowl panel
o   Refurbished Dog Legs
o   Refurbished Rear View Mirror
o   New Heat Insulation
o   New Acoustic Insulation
·         Engine
o   Early 240z E31 Head
§  Isky Stage 2 Cameshaft
§  Rebello Racing Port & Polish
§  Larger Exhaust Valves
§  Schneider Valve Springs
§  Fuel Pump Blockoff Plate
§  Refurbished Rocker Arms
§  NISMO Lash Pads
§  Rebuilt by Rebello Racing
o   L28 F54 Flattop Block
§  280zx Turbo Oil Pump
§  ARP Head Studs
§  OEM Timing Chain Kit
§  Rebuilt OEM Water Pump
§  FelPro Headgasket
§  L24 2Row Crank Dampener
§  Rebuilt by Rebello Racing
o   Dyno Tuned by Rebello Racing
o   Heater bypass elimination
o   Aliminum Radiator

·         Exhaust
o   HKS Header
o   2.5” Crush Bent
o   Magnaflow mid-muffler
o   Gibson Rear Muffler


  1. GO TEAM!, I can post a comment! ...

    that's a long list, not to mention $$$$, how long do you expect to be down? or cost for that matter?

    even with 1/2 that list it would be epic ...

  2. Lets just say there's a lot of $ in it. I have an emotional and familial attachment to the vehicle so I try not to let costs bring me down. I don't ever plan on selling.