Saturday, February 25, 2012

Visit to Rebello

I forgot to mention it previously,
I dropped my E31 head off @ Rebello Racing about a month ago

After some discussion w/Dave (Rebello) about why my intake ports were "dirty",
I decided to go ahead and get the whole engine rebuilt

So I went back to the shop a month later to drop off the block
Good thing I live nearby

What you see upon arrival:

Walking up to the shop, the engine dynos caught my eye
The goal for this particular engine was 500HP
They were about 10HP away from their goal:

I walked in and Dave promptly showed me the progress on my head:

Lookin Good

Then he proceeded to show me his flowbench
He offered an easy explanation of how it works
Pretty cool stuff:

Random shot of some L-series headers hanging on the wall:

 The block ready to be rebuilt:

All the block is getting is new rings/bearings
Everything else is essentially brand new
Also being assembled and dyno-tuned
Coolest part is I get to be present when they dyno tune it

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