Friday, April 8, 2011

Work Continues


  1. Hi, just wondering if this has been color enhanced at all?

    I have a yellow/green 240z in restoration as well, not sure what color exactly it is as it's been resprayed previously, i had a feeling it was 112 or 919 but haven't seen any examples in real life and all pictures I see on the net look quite different....

  2. What year is it? I believe 112 was for the most part offered for the 1972 model year. I have seen some early 1973s with it as well. 1971 had a yellow that was close, but still wasnt 112.

    The image is not altered. It depends on the light. Sometimes it will appear like above, other times will appear much more pale, sometimes more yellow. Look at all my other pics to see what I mean.

  3. Looks great man! Keep up the great work. Hope my bay comes out as clean. From where did you run the wiring into the engine bay?

  4. Ran the wiring through the wheel well side of the firewall into the wheel well, along the frame rail, under the crossmember to the appropriate places. I also routed some wires under the radiator support. If I remember I had to do that specifically for the headlights & turn signals.

    It helped that I eliminated a lot of things in the engine bay and therefore eliminated the need to wire them. For example, wipers, engine light, ignition, etc