Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rust-Proofing & Insulation

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I had to replace the floors due to massive rust.
When I was done, this was the result:

I used spray on bedliner to protect the new sheetmetal after priming it.
This stuff:

It looked good at first, but deteriorated quickly.
I do not recommend it.

After a large amount of research I decided on this:
Chassis Saver
Here's an advertisement:

You can either use a spray gun or a brush to apply the coating.
I used a brush because I'm lazy and I didn't want overspray all over my paint.
Anyways here is what it looks like wet:
When it dries (takes at keast 24hrs) it will be satin black.

Now that that's done it's time to put in some insulation.
This is going to be a car that I want to enjoy on the street, not some crazy track/autocross car.
With that said, for me to be able to enjoy it, I need to be able to at least hear myself think.
However, squeaks & rattles in a car like this are assumed.
My goal is to minimize those things.

Do your research and you'll find out that Peel&Seal is the same shit as the original Dynamat.
(Peel&Seal is available in the roofing section @ the hardware store)
You can go crazy and get the super $$$ stuff, but like I said, I just want to hear myself think.
If that's you goal too, do yourself a favor and save some money.

In the package:
Your gonna need a heat gun, some kind of roller, and a pair of scissors.
A wallpaper roller works well.
I stole the one below from a stack of crap @ the parents house.

There are 2 secrets to making this stuff last. 
#1:Making sure the mounting surface is clean.
#2:Heating up the Peal&Seal.
Apply heat via the heat gun to the mounting surface to warm it up.
Don't let it get too hot, just warm.
Do the same to the Peal&Seal. Again not too hot.
Apply the same way you would a piece of tape pushing the Peal&Seal into crevices as you go along.
Once you have applied it heat it up again. Again not too hot, just so that its warm to the touch.
Now use the roller to firmly bond it to the mating surface.

These are the results
Sound insulation is mucho improvo.
For spots with extra resonance, layer the material until you are satisfied.


  1. I <3 Peel and Seal!!! I bought the same stuff for my project.

  2. People hate on it but they just need to GET REAL!

  3. Do everything you can do to keep your car from rusting. Corrosion of this sort is like a pandemic; it eats up a sizable portion of the world economy for the sort of damage it leaves to metal structures of all tiers. Better go with mitigating measures early, such as rust preventatives, so such challenges will be judiciously dealt with.