Friday, January 14, 2011

Better late than never

Oh ya I forgot to tell you.
Took the rear suspension out.
Trying to get it out with the exhaust in made it a bitch.
If the exhaust wasnt there it would have been pretty easy.

Strut/Spring/Control Arm/Drum Brakes:

Stock R180:
I think 3.34 ratio???

You can see what I did to the strute tube.
I got rid of that shit.
Just like the front, I pressed on an adapter.
The adapter will allow me to use certain brands of s13 coilover

Looking down the barrel of the tube:

Where the Tube meets the hub. Weld here:


Moved on to the camber plates:
My 120V welder kept tripping the breaker in the garage.
You can see where I was in the zone and then the breaker tripped.

Then the wife got home from work so no more play time.

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