Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wrapping Up

Trying to wrap up the engine bay.
I took great care to hide as many things in the engine bay as I could.
The majority of the wiring was moved to inside the fender well. Lots of rewiring to achieve this.
Even the ignition coil is located outside the engine bay.

There are still a few wires I have to eliminate/tuck.
Primarily those concerned with the function of the distributor.

Also need to cover that nasty orange foam/rubber sleeve protecting the speedo cable.
To mask it I will use expandable sleeving:
 This shit rocks. The diameter of the sleeve conforms to the diameter of the object it encompasses.
I used it in all my wiring. A nice professional look. Not like that plastic pepboys crap.

Here's a closer shot:
You can see the speedo cable I was reffering to at the rear of the block.
Also, you can see the trigger wires hanging off the distributor.
Gotta tuck that coil wire closer to the enging block.


  1. wow, this is one BEAUTIFUL engine bay! i love it. great work!

  2. Can you publish some pictures of where you hid the loom under the fenders etc please?

  3. Hey mate, for the oil breather is that garden hose?