Thursday, October 7, 2010


New (to me) wheels coming in the mail.

That will make 6 sets and 1 pair of wheels for the z.
  • Stockers - (4)14x5
  • Konig Rewinds in S.E. matte black (whoopie!) - (4)14x7
  • Old Watanabe R-type - (4)14x6 (2)14x9
  • Solid Center Centerlines - (4)15x9
  • Epsilon/Southern Ways 3-Piece baskets - (4)15x7 (2)15x7.5 (2)15x9.5
Need to get rid of some

1 comment:

  1. Hey I fell upon your blog and am def. Interested in your centerlines and your 9.5" epsilons if your willing to sell me a pair I got a 280 hit me up sometime at throw a price and some pictures let's make magic.