Sunday, January 19, 2014

Updated info on Subie R180 install

Some new info regarding previous post
be sure to torque the input flange bolt to 136lbs/ft
This is critical.

Don't ask me how I know.

Some more info stolen from

Subaru Part #s that might be helpful to folks using the STi R180s:
Genuine Subaru STi LSD oil PN K0305Y0900 ($18-25 a liter!) Perrin finned cover #PSP-SUS-510 will incr capacity to 1.3qts.
Others use Motul 90PA or Motul 300 if a Torsen unit.
R180 rear cover gasket PN 38353AA050 (about $10)
R180 STi stub snap ring PN 805326000 (lives inside diff) (about $2.50 ea)
R180 rear cover plastic breather vent PN 38354AA002 (about $4)
R180 STi diff rubber side seal PN 806732030 or 806732200 (about $6 ea)
You can also tap the rear cover vent hole 1/4NPT for a -6 AN fitting if you want to run a hose to a vent or a catch can.

Torque values for the STi R180s:
Driveshaft Pinion flange nut torque spec is 134 lb-ft. This preserves pinion bearing pre-load.Diff side plate bolt torque spec is 7.6 lb-ft.
Rear cover bolt torque spec is 32 lb-ft (22 lb-ft for Non-STi and Perrin recs this tq # with their finned covers).
Fill/drain plug torque spec is 36 lb-ft (Use the $30 13mm KTC Socket to avoid rounding out these plugs: http://ultimatetoolc...drainplugs.aspx).
Rear diff mounting bolts torque spec is 52 lb-ft. (Ditch the studs & replace w/ 12x1.75 gr 10.9 bolts to make R&R easier)

A 26-page pdf of the Subaru Manual for WRX R160 & STi R180 diffs can be found here:

Although possibly NLA at times, these part #s might be useful:
Nissan halfshaft bolts PN 39628-E4100
Nissan halfshaft nuts PN 39627-N3000
Nissan halfshaft washers PN 08915-2401A
Nissan halfshaft bolts PN 38228-21000 (Thanks Dtsnlvrs!)
(Torque to 58 lb-ft)

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