Saturday, December 1, 2012

Drillin Studs...Manifold Studs

So here' my plan in the simplest of terms:
Take OG L24 as-is
Clean it up
Swap over OG carbed draw-thru turbo setup
Embrace the old school tech (soul) of the setup

Not much is new
Trying to prep the OG L24 for turbo duty
Removed all manifolds, cooling junk, and other bits
Broke a stud off in the head
Not Surprised
Only managed to break 1
Better than I expected

Time to drill it out
Original Stud thread is M8 x 1.25
Gonna upsize to M10 x 1.5
Use an 11/32 Drill bit to set yourself up to tap M10 x1.5
Drill a pilot hole with a smaller bit
Take note of how far you needs to drill by inserting the bit into an open stud hole
Measure how far it goes in and be sure to not exceed that depth with the pilot bit
Once that's complete move on to the 11/32 bit

Understand I'm doing this all in my garage and I'm lazy
If you want this done right have a pro do it
With that said, I "eyeballed" the level and direction of the drill

Use a cutting fluid while drilling
WD40 or most any aerosol oil will work if you're in a pinch 

I have no idea where my M10x1.5 tap is so I'll cover that later

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