Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ratsun BBQ and Swap Meet - Tracy, CA


  1. omg Awesome. Wish I was on the west coast.

  2. Man how did I not know about this, I need to get my priorities in order. Great spot of coverage man, the Ratsun guys seem to always make a good time. pick up anything good?

  3. Someone messaged me about the meet on HybridZ otherwise I never would have know. The datsun community is strange. A lot of cliques, but they are all welcoming.

    I picked up an original cigarette lighter for 5 bucks. Mine was not correct.

    You live in the area? Love your blog!

  4. Yeah, near by in San Jose, Thanks man! most appreciated, I just started it up, planning on building it up a bit from here haha. I have been following yours for a while, love your work so far. I need to get into the scene good and proper out here, there is so much around.

    5 bucks? nice, always better an original part than filled by a phone charger.