Monday, March 28, 2011

Family History

I asked my Grandma if she had any old pictures of my Z.
My Grandpa bought the car in 1973 and officially put it in my name in 2002.
Throughout their lives, they ended up purchasing a total of 4 Zs.
3 240Zs and 1 280Z.
One was given to my Uncle for his wedding. One my mom totaled. One was sold.
Mine was the only one left, but it sat for a couple decades before I could get to it.
This is what she found:

I have my doubts that this is the same Z.
I know my car intimately.
Lots of clues lead me to believe this was my uncles 240z.
Wheels, Stripes, Trim, Color (close), Muffler, Etc.
Pretty cool nonetheless.

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