Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas.

Just a small update. No Pics.

I finally finished the outside of the car.
Bumpers mounted. Rear valance on. Wheels mounted.
 Lots of other small things.

I've moved on to the interior.
First thing was to put on a coat of Chassis Saver.
Then I installed some sound deadening/heat insulation.
I got a COMPLETE vinyl interior kit from my wife for my birthday. That'll be the next task.
I'm hoping to get new interior plastics for Christmas from the same awesome wife.

I still need to install the rear coilovers and roll the fenders before the car is presentable,
As a result, don't expect a pic of the full car anytime soon.

Here is a rant:
Dont ever pay someone their full asking price until ALL work is done.
Even if the dude seems trustworthy.
Even if the guy is a friend.
It took my painter 6 months AFTER he painted my car to get me my bumpers.
Because I already paid him.
He had the money already so whats the incentive?

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